About HCP
中山大学人机物智能融合实验室(以下简称HCP实验室)围绕“人工智能原创和前沿技术”布局研究方向与课题,致力于在图像视频处理和分析、自然语言理解、机器学习和认知推理等领域进行长期深入的研究和探索,并与产业界开展广泛合作,输出大量原创技术及孵化多个创业团队。HCP实验室由林倞教授(国家万人计划,IET Fellow)负责,教师团队包含教授1名,副教授4名,研究员5人,承担或已完成各级科研项目40余项,共获得科研经费数千万元。实验室成员在顶级国际学术期刊与会议上发表论文200余篇,包括IEEE/ACM Transactions期刊论文80余篇,CVPR / ICCV / ICML / NIPS / Multimedia / AAAI / IJCAI等顶级会议论文100余篇。
Human Cyber Physical Intelligence Integration Lab (hereinafter referred to as the HCP Lab) lays out research directions and projects around artificial intelligence original and cutting-edge technology, and is committed to long-term and in-depth research in the fields of image and video processing and analysis, natural language understanding, machine learning, and cognitive reasoning. Moreover, we have carried out extensive cooperation with the industry, realized a large number of original technologies and incubated a number of entrepreneurial teams. The HCP Lab is in charge of Professor Liang Lin (National Ten Thousand Talents Program, IET Fellow). The faculty team includes 1 professor, 4 associate professors, and 5 researchers, who has undertaken or completed more than 40 scientific research projects at all levels, and received tens of millions of yuan in scientific research funding. Laboratory members have published more than 200 papers in top international academic journals and conferences, including more than 80 IEEE/ACM Transactions journal papers, and more than 100 top conference papers such as CVPR / ICCV / ICML / NIPS / Multimedia / AAAI / IJCAI.