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LIP: Single-Person Human Pose Estimation

Single-Person Human Pose Estimation Track

1. Metrics

Followed MPII, we use PCKh evaluation measure with Person-Centric (PC) annotations.

2. Submit format

A csv file named pose_result.csv(Click to download a template file) with line format: ImageID.jpg,x1,y1,,x2,y2,,...x16,y16 (The image id should follow test_id list).Joint order: 1,R_Ankle 2,R_Knee 3,R_Hip 4,L_Hip 5,L_Knee 6,L_Ankle 7,B_Pelvis 8,B_Spine 9,B_Neck 10,B_Head 11,R_Wrist 12,R_Elbow 13,R_Shoulder 14,L_Shoulder 15,L_Elbow 16,L_Wrist .Submit your pose_result.csv and wait to see your rank.

3. Class Definition

  1. Right_Shoulder
  2. Right_Elbow
  3. Right_Wrist
  4. Left_Shoulder
  5. Left_Elbow
  6. Left_Wrist
  7. Right_Hip
  8. Right_Knee
  9. Right_Ankle
  10. Left_Hip
  11. Left_Knee
  12. Left_Ankle
  13. Head
  14. Neck
  15. Spine
  16. Pelvis

4. Dataset Examples

4.1 Full body

4.2 Upper body

4.3 Lower body

4.4 Back

4.5 Occlusion