We offer a benchmark suite together with an evaluation server, such that authors can upload their results and get a ranking. We offer a Dataset that contains 38280 pictures, including 28280 images for training set, 5000 images for validation set and 5000 images for test set. If you would like to submit your results, please register, login, and follow the instructions on our submission page.

Note: We only display the highest submission of each person.

Multi-Person Human Parsing Task


For this task, we use two metrics for multi-human parsing evaluation. Mean IoU(%) for semantic part segmentation, reported by the FCN paper. And APr for instance-level human parsing, first introduced in Simultaneous Detection and Segmentation. The details show APr at various IoU thresholds.

User Id Method Mean IoU Mean APr Details Abbreviation Submit Time
277 DMNet 61.51 41.50 Details Abbreviation 2018-06-10 13:29:01
39 sspv1 61.21 27.88 Details Abbreviation 2018-05-28 16:21:23
287 test_51 37.74 27.88 Details Abbreviation 2018-06-06 05:30:21
270 BJTU_UIUC 63.77 45.31 Details Abbreviation 2018-06-09 05:35:24